Monday, 24 June 2019

Types of Corrugated Boxes and Their Uses

We use boxes in our everyday life. And there are different types of boxes that we use for different purposes. Some types of boxes are ideal for the business use while there are some types which are more suitable for domestic purposes. If you are using boxes for business purposes, you will have to pay attention to the branding factor along with the safety of your items. And for domestic use, the boxes need to be very helpful in securing and organizing the household items.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the types of boxes that you can consider for different purposes.

Custom wardrobe corrugated boxes
Moving house involves shifting and traveling. During the process, you might not want some of your clothes to get affected. More specifically, you will not want to fold your suit along with a pile of other normal clothes and put it into the box. Well, you can choose custom wardrobe boxes which allow you to keep these costly dresses and suits in ideal condition while you are moving them to the new home. The typical type of these boxes is the stand-up in which the clothes remain hung. You can also purchase lay down wardrobe boxes.

Polypropylene Corrugated Boxes
The boxes of this type are in immense demand now days due to the level of protection these boxes can provide. These boxes are made from hard plastic and thermoplastic polymer. These boxes are not only strong but they can actually provide great protection against moisture. If you want to pack electronic items in the containers which can keep the items ideally safe and secure, you can use these boxes.

Wholesale Postage Corrugated Boxes
With the rise of E-commerce, people now prefer buying things online rather than going to the stores. The parcels they receive are usually packed in the postage corrugated boxes. These boxes can be placed in the category of custom corrugated packaging because of the level of security they can provide to the items packed inside them. This also means that the postal companies are more than happy to use these boxes because these boxes are able to provide optimum security to the boxes.

Corrugated Boxes for Fruits / Vegetables
New advancements have been made in the process of delivery of several items. The items which have to travel through a long distance need to be packed quite securely. In this scenario, the role of packaging for keeping the fruits and vegetables is quite important. Fruits and vegetables are often perishables because they can perish while being transported. However, proper packaging is the only way to minimize the damage. One of the options to consider in this regard is to use corrugated boxes for fruits/vegetables.

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